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                                      Customized Technology, Inc.®
                                                                       10079 Soledad Road
                                                                                     Frisco, Texas 75035-2555

Why Us

    •  We are an Illinois based company serving Illinois for over thirteen years.
    •  Our staff consists of educators and technicians having many years of experience
       working in the field.
    •  We remain connected with State Departments of Education and organizations representing
       Special Educators to maintain awareness of current issues.
    •  A programmer is readily available by direct phone contact or at special education
    •  We provide a manual specifically written for the program user in clear language.
    •  We provide on-site training in the use of the program by an experienced user of
       the program.
    •  We provide a new/revised goal bank with observable, measurable outcomes, aligned to
       state standards and each one is modifiable.
    •  Our program runs on both Windows and Mac computers.
    •  Our program can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection.
    •  Our program is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari browsers.
    •  Most of our sales come from referral by satisfied customers.
    •  We don’t require long term contracts, but do offer one year maintenance agreements.

We also provide other services at an additional cost:

    •  Extensive customization of the program to meet your unique needs.
    •  Training on how to correctly complete an IEP.
    •  Web hosting
    •  Other services (please feel free to contact us).

      For further information contact us:
Tel. (309) 798-0257
Fax. (214) 305-5856
Email: AKeller1@att.net